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Terms & Conditions:
  1. If using betwwen midnight (12pm) through morning 7am, an additional charge of Rs. 220 per hour will be applicable.
  2. Rates mentioned in the web site may fluctuate dpeneindg on busy season or weekends.
  3. 10 hours or 100km minimum usage is required per day
  4. The time or distance calculation is counted between the car moving our of garage to te car returned to garage. 
  5. Toll fee, Border tac, Parking fee is not counted in the rate; these charges are to paid separatelt by the renter.
  6. The renter need not pay any extra amount for gasoline or to driver; these charges are included in the rate
  7. Wedding decorations with flower etc. may be allowed on the car, but an additional charge of Rs. 550 will be applied for car wash. 
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